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Honors & Lineage



Honors of the  1st Battalion, 108th Armor Regiment

    World War II Campaign : Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Leyte, Luzon 

    Decorations : HHC (Calhoun) and Company 'B' (Canton), 1st Battalion entitled to :  

                Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Steamer embroidered 17 October 1944 to 4 July 1945



Honors of the  48th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

    Second Seminole War : Florida

    U.S. Civil War : Peninsula, Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Appomattox

    World War I Campaign : Champagne-Marne, Aisne Marne, Lorranine 1918,

                                                                       Champagne 1918, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne

    World War II Campaign : Normandy,  Northern France, Rhineland,

                                                                       Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe



Lineage of the  1st Battalion, 108th Armor Regiment & the 48th Brigade

1825 April 23rd  -  Organized at Macon as the Macon Volunteers, Georgia Volunteer Militia.

1836 February 18th  -  Mustered into Federal service at Picolata, Florida as Cpatain Seymor's Company, 1st Battalion Georgia Volunteers.

1861 April 20th  -  Mustered into Confederate service at Macon, Georgia.

1872 April 11th  -  Reorganized at Macon, Georgia as the Macon Volunteers.

1899 December 21st  -  Re-designated as Georgia State Troopers.

1905 October 1st  -  Re-designated as the Georgia National Guard.

1917 August   -  Drafted into Federal Service as Company 'B', 151st Machine Gun Battalion, an element of the 42nd Division.

1919 May  -  Demobilized at Camp Gordon, Georgia. 

1924 April 30th  -  Organized and Federally recognized in the Georgia National Guard as Company 'L', 200th infantry, at Calhoun. 

1924 June 9th  -  Re-designated as Company 'L', 122nd Infantry.

1939 October 1st  -  Converted and re-designated as Battery 'H', 214th Coast Artillery.

1940 September 16th  -  Inducted into Federal service at Macon.

1940 November 25th  -  Inducted into Federal service 25 November 1940 at Elberton.

1942 February 24th  -  Converted and Re-designated as the 30th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop and remained assigned to the 30th Infantry Division.

1943 November 11th  -  Recognized and re-designated as Battery 'D', 950th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion.

1945 November 17th  -  Inactivated from 1945 to 1973, the Brigade underwent a series of redesignations culminating in its current form, the 48th Infantry Brigade

1945 December 28th  -  Inactivated at Camp Stoneman, California.

1947 September 15  -  Converted, reorganized, re-designated and Federally recognized as Headquarters and Headquarters Company,  2nd Battalion, 122nd Infantry, at Calhoun (Companies 'E', 'G', and 'H' organized and Federally recognized 19 November 1947 - 14 January 1948 as new units: Company F re-designated from Battery 'B', 950th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion [organized in 1924 at Cedartown] ).

1955 November 1st  -  2nd Battalion, 122nd Infantry converted and re-designated as the 163rd Tank Battalion and assigned to the 48th Armored Division.

1959 June 19th  -  Constituted in the Georgia Army National Guard as the 108th Armor, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System.

1959 July 1st  -  Organized from the following units to consist of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Medium Tank Battalions, elements of the 48th Armored Division. 48th Reconnaissance Battalion (organized in 1902 at Jackson) as the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron. 163rd Tank Battalion as the 2nd Medium Tank Battalion. 162nd (organized in 1882 at Macon) as the 3rd Medium Tank Battalion. 190th Tank Battalion (organized in 1889 at Macon) as the 4th Medium Tank Battalion.

1962 May 1st  -  Reorganized to consist of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Medium Tank Battalions, elements of the 48th Armored Division, and the 5th Medium Tank Battalion.

1963 April 16th  -  Reorganized to consist of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd., 4th, and 5th Battalions, elements of the 48th Armored Division (concurrently former 1st Reconnaissance Squadron reorganized and re-designated as the 1st Squadron, 748th Cavalry - hereafter separate lineage, and the 3rd Medium tank Battalion  expanded to form the 1st and 3rd Battalions).

1968 January 1st  -  Reorganized to consist of the 1st Battalion, an element of the 30th Infantry Division (concurrently, 2nd Battalion re-designated as the 1st Battalion and the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Battalions reorganized and re-designated as various units in the Georgia Army National Guard - hereafter separate lineage).

1973 December 1st  -  1st Battalion relieved from assignment to the 30th Infantry division and assigned to the 48th Infantry Brigade.

1973 December 1st  -  Reorganized to consist of the 1st Battalion, an element of the 48th Infantry Brigade.

1989 June 1st  -  Withdrawn from the Combat Arms Regimental System and reorganized under the United States Army Regimental System with Headquarters at Calhoun.

1990 November 30th  -  Inducted into Federal service at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

1990 November 30th  -  1st Battalion ordered into active Federal service at home stations, released 

1991 March 27  -   Released from active Federal service and reverted to State control.

1991 April 10th  -  Demobilized at Fort Stewart, Georgia.



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